Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a studio guy who we met through our model Kyle. Frankly, I'm so enamored by his sexiness. He's got the darkest hair I've ever seen, which stands out against his pale skin perfectly.


Jeremy's Solo

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. Fuck me, this guy is hot.

Gracing the GuyBone set with his presence, Jeremy Fox is just that - a fox. He's lean and toned, has beautiful jet black hair all over his body, and has a huge dick you just want him to smack you upside the head with.

For his solo, Jeremy watched some porn and got himself worked up, then pulled his fat boner out of his track pants. He rubbed it to its full, huge potential, using lube and a quick wrist. I loved watching his facial expressions as he worked toward blowing his load. Biting his lower lip, puckering, licking, raising eyebrows, I didn't want to take my eyes off his face, but there was so much more to study.

Following his dark happy trail down to just enough of a bush surrounding his meaty cock got me all riled up. Seeing his gigantic balls bouncing with every stroke of his cock about sent me over the edge. I definitely have a foot fetish and Jeremy's feet don't disappoint. I could suck on those toes for hours.

I loved seeing him bend over and show off his tight hole. I knew I had to find a top for this stud ASAP. In the meantime, I'd let him fuck all the bottoms he wanted to. And even solo, Jeremy proves he's got star power. He milked a thick, creamy load out of his shaft and then continued rubbing until his rock hard cock was covered in his own frothy cum.

Fuck, just writing this made me need to jerk off. Good thing I know the perfect scene to watch!

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