Daniel Brand

Daniel Brand

Daniel looks great with glasses and without. Damn, he's hot, regardless. With his slim, toned body and his enormous uncut cock that oozes pre cum at the slightest turn on, Daniel is a definite must-have for our collection.



Mano was an answer to our porn god prayers when we visited Hawaii. Lucky for us, he also visits the mainland. He's got the best abs on the site and his shaved head reminds me of the sexy uncle I never had.


Mano Tops Daniel

When I filmed in Hawaii with Mano, I never really expected to film with him again. What are the odds that he'd come to the mainland, my specific city, and have the free time to film a scene? Apparently those odds are fucking fantastic, because not only did Mano make it to the mainland and my specific city, he had enough free time to film several scenes (with several lucky models)!

First up was Daniel, a rapidly-growing favorite GuyBone guy, who was elated to bottom for the studly, muscle-bulging Mano. The two had electric chemistry from the get-go, making out and exchanging oral. Then Mano moved into his signature rimming/fingering and Daniel probably could have cum on the spot.

He saved it, though, and built up an impressive load to shoot moments after Mano shot his (in what looked like a glorious sword fight and explosion). Having fucked in a variety of positions, it seemed obvious which was destined to become my favorite: the “jackhammer” position in which Mano faced the opposite direction and did push-ups into Daniel's ass.

Quite the work out. Quite the scene. Quite the perfect pair of hot models.

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