Whether he's jerking off or bottoming for a big dick, Jaxon is always super sexed up. He's fit and hung. His body hair is perfectly blonde and curly in all the right places.


Jaxon's Solo

Jaxon was the surest of himself of any of my models. I love it when a guy knows he's hot, knows he has a big dick, and knows how to work the camera. Jaxon was cocky, but in a sexy way, in a "sit back, shut up, and watch me stroke my dick" kind of way. Fucking intense. Fucking hot.

Definitely the hairiest GuyBone model thus far, Jaxon rocked his curly chest hair and pubes. He'd come straight from a volleyball game and requested to leave his gym socks and shoes on. I said yes, he looked amazing in them. As soon as his short shorts came off and I saw his thick dick bursting through his retro underwear, I was hard.

He seemed to like it fast and rough, and loved getting his pole nice and slippery with lube. He also used spit, which is masculine and incredibly hot in my book.

Tattoos, piercings, and a penchant for kink, Jaxon walks more on the wilder side than most GuyBone models, but that's what makes him so fucking irresistible.

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