Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes

Dylan Strokes is one sexy mothafucka! He's been on plenty of porn sites, always a pro, and packs quite a wallop with that near 9"er of his! He's sweet, sexy, soft spoken, and seriously skilled in the versatile arena.

Marco Napoli

Marco Napoli

The Italian Stallion, Marco Napoli may be a newcomer to the industry, but he's already making waves (and plenty of fans)! And with good reason. He's hard-bodied, hung, and handsome as hell.


Dylan and Marco Flip Raw

Straight away, Dylan had Marco's stiffening cock between his lips as his own boner raged between his legs. Marco took a seat for some better sucking action, his sexy socks pulled knee high for extra fetish pleasure. He slowly inhaled Dylan's massive manhood and made out with his big balls. He moaned as he choked on his cock, turning them both on to the max. Dylan hovered over Marco to give him a proper face fucking. Marco's Italian stallion shaft was fully erect, bouncing around by his tight, toned tummy. Their bodies were both dusted in just the right amount of dark fur and they were instantly into each other. And I was into everything they were putting on display.

Dylan moved up slightly so Marco could taste his hairy hole. Marco spread Dylan's cheeks and rubbed his brut beard along his delectable back door, all the while his own magnificent dick twitching and jumping against his stomach. Dylan laid down and let Marco worship his sexy feet and toes. Marco, having a foot fetish like myself, nearly took off some toes the more wild he got. Then he went back to Dylan's ass for a second helping of anilingus.

When they'd kiss, their beards blended into one and all I could see was an enormously erotic two-dicked sex machine. They parted mouths to connect another portion of their bodies, Marco's big boner and Dylan's readied rear. Marco drove his dick in deep, fucking Dylan to the fullest, bareback, beyond hot. Their bodies fit together so perfectly and I was as hard as them in seconds.

Marco rolled Dylan up onto his lap so he could enjoy a raw ride. The moaning only increased in this seated position. Both guys were feeling exactly the right sensations. I was right there with them, enjoying watching as much as they were enjoying screwing. Marco's hard cock drilled up into Dylan's accommodating ass, his balls tight as they pounded against his butt cheeks. Dylan was equally hard, his monster schlong slapping against Marco's muscled torso as they fucked.

When Marco picked Dylan up and air humped him above the couch, my jaw dropped. Their sexual energy was off the charts. Holy fucking hot! Marco looked so masculine and tough, asserting his dominance. But the tables would soon turn as they flipped for the first time, finding Marco having a seat on Dylan's very eager erection.

Watching Marco slide down on Dylan's dick, you could feel it filling him up. Likewise, you could also feel Marco's ass wrapping around your shaft, as if you were in Dylan's place. Unbelievably in tune with each other's bodies, these two studs enjoyed a new sensation by switching roles. Dylan's jaw hung open in horny enjoyment as his sack shifted under the weight of sex. Marco's meaty ass looked divine riding Dylan's pole. His hairy hole engulfed the massive hardon, begging for more man inside him. This duo had “muscle daddy and hung boy toy” written all over it. They were perfect for each other.

They repositioned themselves on the couch for some better boning. Marco rode that rod erotically, showing off his versatile skills. Then it was time for some doggie style with a scenic view. Marco bent over the chair, facing the cityscape, as Dylan fucked him hard from behind. His cock was raging, hard as steel, as he slammed it into his ass. They both clearly liked to get it as rough as they liked to give it. Team players, these two. Dylan rammed him relentlessly, his swollen member filling Marco's void to the brim. The sun shone through the window on their splendidly sculpted bodies and I got lost for a moment checking out both their butts. Scrumptious!

Before I knew it, the chair was gone and Marco was palms against the glass, getting nailed from behind by Dylan. Then his head banged the window. But they never stopped. The sex was too good. I hope someone, somewhere, saw them screwing through the glass that day. And enjoyed it. They took a tiny oral intermission cause Dylan wanted a hot cock in his mouth, then it was back to boning as he entered Marco once more. This time it was missionary on a blanket on the floor, still enjoying that epic scenery.

Fuck, Dylan's big dick looked so good diving in and out of Marco's beautiful hole! And their vocals were such a turn on. Their incredible bodies dripped sweat that glistened in the sunlight and made their musky pits smell more manly than you could imagine. Dylan was rocking back and forth inside Marco, making him groan and whimper. They kissed. They picked up the pace. Dylan banged Marco in exactly the right spot. I could have watched this all day.

Alas, these fellas wanted to ejaculate. Marco desperately wanted a facial so he sat back on the couch and let Dylan shoot all over his chest and face. Dylan had quite the load saved up, blasting his seed across Marco's chest, shoulder, beard and tongue. Seeing, feeling, tasting that cum pushed Marco over the edge and he came right after Dylan. He painted his happy trail and naval with a thick coat of white hot jizz, then cleaned the rest of Dylan's from his piss slit, then collapsed after a scene well done. These two were in it to win it and I have every confidence that you are going to nut so hard watching their xxx throw down.

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