Joey is a sexy, guy next door type who looks like he might want to fuck you as much as he wants to work on your car. Or maybe he can fuck you while he works on your car. Wait, let me grab my camera!


Joey's Solo

Joey has the best belt buckle ever. That having been said, he also has an adorable face, great body, fun tattoos, and a long, impressive cock.

Joey showed up to the shoot with his boyfriend in tow. At first, it was a little awkward having his lover sit in the corner and watch, but I got over it. I think it was a turn on for Joey to have his partner watch while the camera was rolling.

He loved wearing a cock ring and loved using spit as lube. Very hot.

He got his cock nice and stiff and worked out a thick, gloppy load of hot, white cum.

His boyfriend was quiet the whole shoot, but I'd find it hard to believe if he wasn't just as turned on as Joey was.

Maybe in the future, Joey can convince his partner to join him in front of the camera.

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