Alex is the perfect guy next door type, falling smack dab in the middle between twink and bear. Sexy, in shape, and soft-spoken, he'll send goosebumps up your neck with his gentle moans and the sound of him stroking his lubed up dick. He's a hot, slightly hairy jock, who's hard for days and loves showing off!


Alex's Solo

I provide my models with lube and porn to watch during their shoots, but Alex surprised me when he came equipped with his own supplies.

Watching his favorite porn, and using his preferred lube, Alex was rock hard in a matter of seconds. What a beautiful cock he has on him. With a greased up pole, he went to town.

Totally comfortable in front of the camera, I couldn't help get aroused myself when I sat under Alex, getting an up-shot of him stroking his shaft. And the way he snapped his dick against his stomach. If my hands hadn't been busy holding a camera...

In the end, Alex wins the title of Best Cum Shot thus far, propelling over his head, into his hair, and onto the wall. That's one sharp shooter.

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