Alex Hawk

Alex Hawk

One of the sexiest bespectacled boys I've ever had the pleasure of seeing naked, Alex Hawk has that bookworm next door vibe down. Just as hot in and out of glasses as he is clothes, this hairy hottie is homework you won't mind having. He's toned as hell, hung with a perfect 7 inch cut cock, and comes complete with a furry asshole you'll wanna nibble (then fuck) for days.

Chip Young

Chip Young

Chip is a sexy muscle cub with an insatiable kinky streak. At first glance, he's the cuddly boy next door. Then he takes off his clothes to reveal a fucking hot, beefy body covered in tats and piercings and fur.


Alex and Chip Flip Raw

Two new GuyBone Guys making their debut on our site together, what could be hotter? Alex and Chip applied to film with us around the same time and when I took a trip to film with some other models, it just so happened that these two were close enough to jump in on the action! Lucky me, lucky you! They're hot, horny, and had such intense chemistry with each other, they ended up with an extra 20 minutes of footage! That's double standard length and definitely more fuck for your buck!

The guys started off on the bed, kissing soft and steamy. Alex's hand roamed to Chip's crotch then back up to under his shirt. Their lips smacked as they continued to grope each other. Shirts slid off, furry bodies were revealed, and the action only got hotter!

Chip's nipples were pierced and very hard. They grazed against Alex's hairy, rippled abs as Chip sucked on his costar's nipples. Alex had his turn playing with Chip's nips, his soft lips and eager tongue wrapping around them before working his way up to Chip's waiting lips. With shirts off, I was able to see exactly the kinds of bodies I was working with. Chip was a barrel chested muscle cub with gorgeous pecs and a tummy that turned me on from go. His biceps were big and tatted and he looked as ready to cuddle as he did to bro out at the gym. Alex was lean, tight, toned. His stomach was flat and rock hard. His body was in impeccable shape and he knew it and loved showing it off. Neither Chip nor I minded granting him the attention.

Alex had Chip down to his jockstrap in no time. He pulled his stiff dick and balls out of one side of the jock and started blowing his beefy partner. He nibbled and kissed, beat that dick against his tongue, and deep throated Chip's shaft. He flipped his bear over and pulled his butt cheeks apart to eat the hole Chip so desperately begged him to. Alex surprised me with his dominant masculinity. He took control and owned Chip's ass for the first part of their raw flip fuck. I expected a demure nerd but I got a fucking hot sex pistol. Chip moaned and dropped F-Bombs left and right. He was thoroughly enjoying having his ass eaten by Alex.

Alex's jockstrap was revealed next as he worked out of his jeans and got onto his knees, offering his towering rod to his hungry costar. Alex's gasps and whispers of approval made my dick ache and as Chip released that beast of a cock from its jock prison, I thought I'd nut. The visual was almost too much - a rock hard dick aimed to the ceiling, Chip licking and sucking and pulling on Alex's heavy balls with his lips, Alex uttering his satisfaction with the slob job - WOOF!

Both boned to eternity, they made out and stroked each other for a moment before Chip bent Alex over and rimmed his tight ass. Hairy and hot, Alex's ass was beautiful and begging to be wetted for the ride. Chip tongue fucked him, darting and jabbing his ruby red mouth muscle in and out of that come-hither hole. He spanked his ass, he teased his dangling nuts. Next Chip was on his back, face buried under the weight of those bountiful balls of Alex's, the horny otter himself folded over on top of the cub's chest in a scintillating 69. Chip worked diligently, rimming that wonderful ass while Alex focused on sucking. This led me to believe Alex would bottom first, but they surprised me when Alex lubed up Chip's ass with SPUNK and slid first his finger, then his big dick, inside.

Chip's ass was a beauty to behold. Big and juicy, ready for the bouncing. Alex took his time easing that fat cock inside Chip's bubble butt. It was so worth the wait, seeing and hearing Chip react to the incredible feeling. They were both instantly audible, grunting and growling. Chip cried for more, Alex pounded his hole. Slapping his ass as he fucked him bareback in doggie, Alex mounted Chip and gave me a hot view from the backside. He kept his jockstrap on the entire time, which I loved. It only added to the allure of it all.

The raw fuck was underway, Alex giving it to Chip deep while the cub laid on his side. Chip pet Alex's furry chest and pinched his nipple as they fucked. Alex sucked on Chip's feet while he held his leg skyward. They were loving the natural feeling of bareback cock in ass and who could blame them?

Just as intensely as it had began, Alex's turn as top ended and he laid on his handsome stomach, giving his ass over to Chip, who had now gone from cuddly bottom cub to incredibly intimidating top bear. The transformation was totally titillating and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see where he would take them next in this bedroom adventure. You can imagine my surprise when he went from fingering Alex's tight hole with one finger to two… then three… then four… then his entire fist. A GuyBone first for sure, I didn't stop filming as they charted new territory and made site history for us all. Alex had never been fisted but Chip seemed to be an expert, starting slow but keeping up a good pace at loosening. They were fucking loud as fuck, responding to each other's moans with even bigger moans. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but I was rock hard and couldn't… wouldn't look away. What a champ Alex was, accepting this new challenge so willingly. Chip had Alex gaped and begging for his dick so he gave it to him.

Big boy Chip banging into little man Alex bareback made all the sense in the world. Their bodies fit together perfectly and they worked with each other's energy wonderfully. To finish, they got into missionary on the edge of the bed and Chip railed Alex's ass. Even after the surprise fisting, Alex was still tight. Fucking love that hairy, tight holed sexpot. They talked to each other, asking what the other liked, responding, feeding the flames. Chip looked hot as fuck sticking his dick in and out of Alex as fast as he could. Alex jerked his own lengthy cock until he came. He splattered jizz across his furry, muscled torso while Chip ate and fingered his used hole and lapped up his big bouncing balls. Chip was next, stroking out an impressive load on Alex's ass then burying his bone deep inside again to breed him. His hardon was still dripping cum when he pulled out again, all over Alex's furry hole, the bed, the floor. He leaned in, kissed Alex hard on the lips, and as if they'd rehearsed it for hours, simultaneously sighed “fuck” to end one of the most insanely impressive debut scenes GuyBone has ever had.

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