Dieter Red

Dieter Red

Dieter is boned up and ready to make a splash not only on GuyBone, but in the adult industry in general. He's charismatic, charming, and cool as fuck. From his slick hair to his sexy voice, he's the full package.

Jon Shield

Jon Shield

We've been lucking out with finding lots of hairy guys lately, and studio boy Jon Shield is one for the record books! From his dark beard to his curly, carpeted toned chest and fuzzy asshole, he's all man and sexy as fuck. He's got sizzling bedroom eyes and a dick for days.



Dark hair, perfect dick, fucking adorable smile, hypnotic blue bedroom eyes. West was a busy boy, but worth the wait. When we finally got him on GuyBone, there was no going back.


Bareback Tag Team

To celebrate Pride month here, we hosted a Disco Edition of our infamous men only underwear party, Trousers Down, at Renegades Bar. Models from the site GoGo danced the night away and then stayed long after the crowds of dancing queens had stumbled home to have one helluva hot bareback tag team. Dieter was the lucky bottom, getting it up the ass in turns from the legendary Jon Shield and a face you may recognize from early GuyBone days, West. He hadn't filmed in a few years, but turns out was buds with Jon and wanted to get back on camera. I was beyond excited to see another familiar face return, especially in such a sexy, raw scene filmed at our favorite bar. I had such a great time filming and they had such a great time fucking, you ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Covered in sweat and glitter from the night's festivities, West and Jon got busy making out with Dieter, hardening everyone's dicks and readying them for the impending fuck fest. Two of the studs were furry as fuck, all three were tatted and pierced and armed with incredible cocks. Jon dropped to his knees and serviced both of his costars as the bar staff cleaned up post closing time. Don't mind us, just over here filming some porn.

Jon stood up to join the boner club, pulling out and showing off his ridiculously thick, hung hardon. West gulped it down like the good pup he is. Then Dieter got on it. Plenty of Jon's cock to go around, guys. That thing is gargantuan! West went back and forth between stiff dicks, sucking softly and sweetly. If there's one thing I love, it's sucking dick. Seeing these three swap blowjobs was the cap on an already incredibly fun and arousing evening. I'd been anxious all party long to kick everyone out so these three could get their bareback fuck on. And the time had come. I was beyond giddy.

Dieter stood over top of Jon, offering his hole to be eaten. Jon obliged and wet that pretty, tight ass with his tongue. West blew Dieter from the front, rubbing his own throbbing erection against Jon's big cock. Fuck, I loved seeing these two stiffies sliding side by side in the palm of West's hand.

To better get his ass rimmed, Dieter knelt on two bar stools while Jon devoured his man hole. Dieter swallowed down West's handsome hardon as he relaxed on the bar top. GuyBone porn played on the tv screens in the back. See if you can recognize some of our previous scenes.

Jon also wanted to suck his pup bud West again, so he shared that tall, slender cock with Dieter. Two mouths on one shaft feels divine and West was definitely digging it. He was up first to fuck Dieter. We took pity on poor Dieter's tight ass and suggested he not start off with the biggest dick in the room. West's was just right to get that back door loosened up and enjoying the screw. This was the first time West had fucked on camera for GuyBone, previously only having done a solo and oral scene. I was more than a little curious to see what he looked like in action. And he didn't disappoint. He's a masculine, hairy, horny top who knows exactly how to give it to his bottom. Watching him pump in and out of Dieter's welcoming hole was so satisfying.

Dieter, meanwhile, was busy moaning and gagging on Jon's giant cock. What a mouthful. He was totally full of dick in both ends. And happy as could be. This was his first action scene with us as well. Go big with a tag team or go home, right? West continued to fuck him raw, showing off that thick vein on top of his shaft as he slid his dick in and out slowly. Sexily. God, that must have felt amazing. I could have had them stop or switch anytime, but damn it if I wasn't really having a ball watching West pound Dieter. And Jon's cock is so perfect to look at and suck, it was a thrilling showcase to see them all in this position.

Sexy Dieter was taking it like a champ from West, looking like the lucky Latino lad getting tag teamed by two tatted pups. Next it was Jon's turn, thanks to West getting that tight hole nice and stretched for easy entry. Jon laid on the GoGo box and Dieter squatted over his massive cock. Even after being opened up by West, Dieter still took a second to get acclimated to Jon's beast. But then it was smooth screwing as Dieter bounced and writhed on Jon's cock. They both grunted, the sex was fucking fantastic. Jon's bountiful balls slapped Dieter's ass as he railed into him. Dieter wanted to get plowed in doggie after that. On their knees, Jon topped Dieter hard and rough, fast and efficient. Dieter blew West who stood in front of him. Everyone seemed soaked in SPUNK Lube which just made the raw fuck that much more slippery and enjoyable. Jon tugged on West's nuts while Dieter serviced him orally. Jon rammed Dieter's ass with his thick rod. He never wanted this tag team to end.

Jon's veiny shaft glided in and out of Dieter's accommodating back door. West had a seat and stroked his stiff dick while they continued fucking. Jon wasn't stopping until he shot his load. And shoot his load he did! He fucked hard and with purpose as he neared orgasm. Watching the way Jon worked his hips was sending my own cock into a frenzy. And when Jon pulled out just long enough to cum a few drops on Dieter's ass and then buried his bone balls deep again to finish planting his seed, I thought I'd erupt alongside him. What a perfect end to his half of the tag team.

He tagged in his partner in crime, West, and it was time for the return GuyBone guy to finish as well. He fucked Dieter in doggie also, gripping his shoulder as he rocked steadily with him. His pace picked up and he was there, ready to blow his load. Dieter bellowed in ecstasy as his ass was owned by the furry otter. West pulled out and jerked his dick just long enough to shoot two delicious white ribbons of cum across Dieter's tailbone. Then he tossed his cock back inside that warm, wet hole to finish emptying his nuts. He grunted and groaned, a true brut. Was aural ecstasy to hear his sex cry. Got me rock hard all over again.

He and Jon had successfully gotten off and now they needed Dieter to join them in Cumtopia. Dieter kicked back and jerked his cock as Jon kissed him passionately. West took over and sucked Dieter's stiff cock to get him to the brink. It worked, but perhaps not as well as what finally sent him over the edge. Jon and West each worked on a nipple of Dieter's, licking, biting, sucking, flicking, tweaking. Dieter creamed himself, cumming a nice thick load of jizz over the head of his cock and down his shaft. The two tops swiftly moved in for the taste. West caught some, Jon caught some, some fell on Dieter's thigh, but don't fear, Jon didn't let it go to waste. They each kissed so they could all taste his cum on their tongues, then we knew it was done. A job well done, that is.

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