Dustin Cross

Dustin Cross

Imagine me making a Wookiee call right about now, Dustin Cross is THE hairiest model on GuyBone. Forget Ryan Fargo's fur, he's got nothing on this guy. Nice body covered in a dark carpet, sexy feet and legs, and a grin that'll get ya smiling every time.

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.


Dustin Tops Lance Raw

Starting off in their bulging briefs, Dustin and Lance rubbed and tugged on each others growing cocks just beneath the fabric as they made out. Lance got fingers full of Dustin's thick, dark chest hair and Dustin docked their dicks together, Lance's shroom head tucked neatly inside Dustin's loose foreskin. Lance got on his knees first, taking Dustin's thick uncut rod balls deep in his mouth. Dustin moved them to the bed and knelt over top of Lance so he could suck on his dick for a bit. It was clear from here that they had such intense chemistry, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

Lance's trademark growls began as Dustin worked his cock into a stiffened frenzy. They both stroked their boners madly and kissed and whispered dirty nothings into each others mouths. Suddenly, Lance's legs were sky high and Dustin's tongue was buried in that delicious furry hole. His nose smelled Lance's masculine taint, exhaling hot air on his costars balls. He beat his thick meat against Lance's hole then fingered it, loosening and readying it for the ride.

Dustin had mentioned nothing got him more turned on than eating Lance's tight hole. Sure enough, the more he ate, the harder he got. He teased Lance's ass with his throbbing cock, finally sliding it all the way in. Lance whimpered and smiled, this was what he'd been waiting for. That behemoth cock slid in and out of his hole with SPUNK lubed ease. They wanted to fuck bareback, feeling the natural raw skin to skin contact. I was not about to deny them that pleasure. These two had spectacular chemistry to begin with, and once they were fucking without condoms, it only heightened their senses and lust.

Dustin rammed his rod into Lance's welcoming ass. Lance's sexy knee highs were above his head, opening his hole for Dustin to pound it. He rolled to his side and Dustin entered him on his knees. He rocked his hips back and forth, fucking him hard, then he pulled out and fingered him and blew his cock. I love a top who is turned on by pleasing his bottom, not just in it for his own experience. Dustin was incredibly considerate, always making sure Lance was enjoying the screw. He rimmed him again, moaning loudly into his stretched hole. Then he climbed on top of his back and drove his hard dick down into Lance's perfect milky white bubble butt.

Lance pulled up into doggie style and this allowed both guys to move like bucking broncs. About that time, Dustin's insanely hairy body began to sweat. Boy, did it sweat. He dripped all over Lance, the sheets, himself. I think it got both of them going even more, having his hot masculine body melting all over them. I couldn't take my eyes off his sexy legs and hot feet as he fucked Lance. So fine. Lance's ass shook and rippled with each thrust Dustin made. These two were a treat to watch. They took a little make out break to cool down, but it didn't last long because making out just got them hornier. Before I knew it, Dustin's dick was back inside Lance and he was thrusting hard, creating one of the sexiest faces I've ever seen Lance make. Pure pleasure but also total awe and submission. Their dirty talk and grunts resumed and I was so fucking stiff inside my shorts.

Even stretched, Lance was still gasping every time Dustin entered him. That cock was so big and hard, he was getting the fucking of a lifetime. He encouraged his top to continue, praising his cock size, shouting expletives every time Dustin stabbed his hole with his shaft. When Dustin got on his side and fucked Lance in the spooning position, he had a front row seat to Lance's furry pits. He licked and sucked as he screwed. The bed was getting as much of a workout as these two were.

Then, as his hole was being pounded into next week, Lance felt his seed bubbling. Dustin pulled out so he could finger him to completion. Lance busted his load all over his furry tummy while Dustin had his thumb up his ass knuckle deep. Dustin followed close behind, shooting his own cum all over Lance's thigh, a nice jizz strand connecting the two guys. They kissed and collapsed, Dustin having some final after shock body tremors. Anyone could see, it was that good of a time!

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