Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.

Jon Shield

Jon Shield

We've been lucking out with finding lots of hairy guys lately, and studio boy Jon Shield is one for the record books! From his dark beard to his curly, carpeted toned chest and fuzzy asshole, he's all man and sexy as fuck. He's got sizzling bedroom eyes and a dick for days.


Jon Tops Jay Raw

Two very woofy pups snarl and growl and lick and nibble their way into each others pants in this new scene from Jay Davis and our first with Jon Shield. It took literally no time for these two hairy studs to get down to business. Jon got Jay's pants off and started rimming his tight, hairy hole. Jay got Jon's pants off and started sucking that behemoth of a boner. Hard dicks and hairy bodies and plenty of hot bareback sex in store for these two horndogs.

Jay gave Jon one of his signature amazing blowjobs, gagging on that big fat cock to earn the “good boy” recognition Jon would throw his way. His own meaty, beautiful dick hard and bouncing down below, Jay sucked Jon's huge hardon balls deep. Two bearded boys rubbing boners and body fur together got my dick hard as rock.

Jon sucked on Jay's cock while he lubed his own with SPUNK and prepared to fuck. The steel firmness of both their dicks was intense and a testament to how badly they craved each other. Jon thumbed Jay's tight hole while he sucked his dick, loosening him as much as possible before hammering him with his big cock. Then Jay sat back on Jon's giant rod and let it slowly slide inside him. They both bellowed and exclaimed how tight Jay's hole was, then tried again to everyones delight. It went in steadily and incredibly. Jay's tight ass wrapped around Jon's massive cock and they sat for a moment, feeling the closeness of one another.

Then the fucking began. Jon wasted no time slamming his unwrapped dick into Jay's stunning hole. Those hairy butt cheeks created a nice cushion for his slapping balls. Those big, hot, cum filled balls. Jon held Jay's ass cheeks in his manly paws and fucked him deep. Then he flipped him onto his back and drove that dick home. They both kept their socks on and it was sexy as hell. The chemistry between them was undeniable and I never wanted this show to end.

They moved into doggie style on the couch and as Jon pumped his hot, throbbing cock in and out of Jay's supple ass, I could hear his collar jingling and it reminded me that these two were just animals, fucking in the rawest, purest form possible. Bareback is so incredibly hot and these two showcased it so well. Their bodies truly feeling the other, connecting, engaging. Sparks flew as they screwed. Jon pulled Jay back and they sat down together, Jay on Jon's lap essentially, riding his cock reverse.

Jay stroked his rock hard dick and he rode up and down on Jon's cock. Quite the workout, both hairy men were getting sweaty in all the right places. Very vocal, they kept egging each other on, like when Jon told Jay to pull on his nuts while he was balls deep inside him. Love when dudes talk to each other and tell their costar what they want and like and need. Jon got Jay on his back on the coffee table and went to town. Legs splayed, Jay shook with the rhythm of Jon railing his ass. They both had bated breath and kissed through the fucking, making hot moaning whimpers and sex cries. Jay grabbed a handful of Jon's chest fur and I nearly shot a load in my pants, seeing these two men turn each other on beyond belief.

Next I got on the floor and begged for an up close and personal shot. They obliged, fucking over top of me, Jon's balls slapping Jay's hairy ass as he rode him. I love this shot so much, feeling like I'm right in there, part of the action. Such a great view of that incredibly thick dick filling that tight ass. There was no doubt these two were loving every fucking second of this scene.

It was time for someone to cum, but it wasn't me. That would happen during editing this scene. Gotta test the product, right? It was time for Jay to bust, so he sat on the top of the couch, stroking, Jon below him, licking his nuts with that juicy red tongue, helping edge him closer to eruption. Jay got there, blowing his load on Jon's bearded face, mostly in his warm, waiting mouth. I've never seen a model so cum hungry as Jon. He fucking lapped up that load, loving the warm salty taste on his tongue. He sucked Jay's still stiff cock after the cumshot, helping himself get nearer climax. Then what drove it home? Jay kneeling down to make out with Jon as he jerked himself off. Jay tasting his own nut on Jon's lips, them sharing the cum in their passionate kiss, was enough to send Jon over the edge, as it would have anyone. He rubbed furiously, milking out a gooey seed across Jay's hairy knee. The room phone rang right as he exploded, not ruining the scene, just signaling that he'd finished right in the nick of time. He gave Jay a taste of his from his thumb and they kissed again, mixing both their loads together on their tongues. These two are seriously pros and I couldn't have been happier, or hornier, to get them on camera together. Woof!

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