Cord Younglove

Cord Younglove

God help me, I keep finding these gorgeous, masculine bicurious guys that make your heart melt and your loins stir. Cord is no exception. Those eyes.

Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.


Cord Tops Jay Raw

So. Fucking. Hot. I realized while editing this scene that everything Cord and Jay have filmed thus far is longer than our standard content. Cord brings a constant A game and the camera loves him (as do his costars). Jay is absolute perfection every time I'm lucky enough to film with him. Getting these two together was a match made in porn heaven. And they were having so much fun together, they once again ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

The guys started the scene sleepy and under the covers in Jay's bed. As they stirred awake, hands started roaming and morning wood was discovered. After some incredibly sexy kissing, Cord slid under the sheets and started sucking Jay's thick, cut cock. It rose with a curve from his brunette bush of pubes. Cord paid special attention to his loose balls and Jay writhed in pleasure. Cord came back up and they flipped over, giving Jay the chance to suck his sleepover bud.

Cord's giant uncut dick slid down Jay's throat with ease. And as Cord face fucked him, I had to adjust my own boner down below. Both these guys look like they give stellar head. Between face fucking and deepthroating each other, they were giving some of the best sucking I'd ever seen.

Lubing his big cock up with SPUNK, Cord slid it into Jay's deliciously hairy hole slowly, steadily. I fucking loved watching his hardon slide in and out of that furry ass. Jay even moved a finger to Cord's asshole at one point, daring to tease the entrance to this total top's backdoor. Cord didn't seem to mind and as he fucked Jay deeper and harder, Jay even put a chokehold on his throat. I've never seen the bottom choke the top before but it really worked with these two.

Cord was on fire, flipping Jay into more positions than I could keep track of. And the way they talked to each other. Damn hot. Bro and dude flew around like crazy and every time one of them said those words I nearly came in my shorts. Speaking of cumming early, Cord got a little too excited when Jay was riding him reverse style and pulled out to shoot on his back but didn't warn me loud enough. I'd already sat the camera down to switch to still shots and when I turned back, there was a bucket of cum drenching Jay's back. Oh, Cord. You hot piece of man meat. Speak up from now on! It was no worry, he's young, hung, and definitely full of cum, so they watched some porn on his phone and in minutes he was rock hard and ready to fuck for round two.

Jay climbed back on and they screwed like the hot young men they are. Cord's raw cock slammed into Jay's tight ass, his hefty balls swinging with each thrust. From there they gave a super hot shot of doggie which was enough to get a second load out of Cord's cock. This time he painted Jay's cute, bearded mug with it and Jay made him quiver as he cleaned off the last drops from his piss slit. Then they made out and Jay joined him in ecstasy as he pumped out a fucking hot load onto his treasure trail. They told each other they were amazing as they kissed and fell heavy on the bed. Amazing indeed. Between them, so many extra minutes of footage. So many hot scenes. And oh, so many more to cum.

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