Seth went from Emo to Rockstar with a haircut and giant tattoo across his chest. He also went from hot to hotter, in my opinion. He's got a totally chiseled bod, a nice stiff dick, and a cute guy next door mug.


Seth's Solo

Definitely the shyest GuyBone guy yet, Seth was so innocent looking, so quiet, so cute... and that body... holy shit!

His nerves made him that much more adorable and when he pulled out his stiff dick, I was head over heels for this shaggy-haired hottie.

By day, Seth worked with his hands. By night... still worked with his hands, but in a very different way. One black sock, one pink sock, Seth certainly had a style all his own, but he worked it. Did I already mention that body? Holy shit!

His balls were gorgeous, jiggling with each stroke of his cock. He said he had never had intercourse with a guy, so that quickly moved to the top of my to-do list.

In the end, he came on himself for the first time ever (usually shoots into the toilet), and looked forward to his first action scene with Parker (where he would use lube for the first time ever). A shy guy experiencing lots of firsts thanks to GuyBone.

Mission: accomplished.

Did I mention that body yet? Holy shit!

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