Sam Bridle

Sam Bridle

Skinny, sexy Sam Bridle is everything you've been searching for. He's adorable and incredibly attractive, hung like a fucking horse, and loves to have sex. Such a big, dominant personality wrapped in a tiny-framed package.

Scotland Grey

Scotland Grey

Scotland's tight, toned body is covered in a light coat of fur and his handsome, hefty dick gets rock hard really easily. His ass is perfection, as are his bad boy tats and angel smile. And when he cums, you'd better have your umbrella handy.


Sam Tops Scotland

Sam and Scotland got comfy on the bed, lying next to each other watching porn. It wasn't long before they were horned up enough to turn off the porn and play with each other. They got on their knees on the bed and began making out. My camera started rolling and soon, Sam's giant uncut cock was out and rock hard and completely down Scotland's wet, hungry throat. Plenty of oral attention to those bouncing balls as well. This scene got so steamy, we had an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Sam went down on Scotland's stiff rod, making sure to twist his fist around the shaft as he sucked. After Sam face-fucked Scotland, he moved to his furry, tight asshole and began rimming with his talented, flexible tongue. Scotland writhed and moaned on top of him, squatting over that hungry mouth. Sam ate as hard and as deep as he was about to fuck.

After a very hot demonstration of how to put on a condom with your mouth, Scotland bent over a pillow and gave his hole to Sam's massive dick. Sam wasted no time getting his entire manhood balls deep in Scotland's welcoming butt. After loosening him up in doggie, he flipped him over for some incredibly satisfying missionary. These two cute studs were giving each other as much as they were taking.

Back to doggie because it felt great for both. Fun under-shot of Sam's huge boner gliding in and out of Scotland's hairy, SPUNK filled hole. These two found a great rhythm and fucked with it. Finally, after a sexy spooning position, Scotland came on his stomach and Sam literally blasted his costar's face, the headboard, and bed with his hot cum. Then he knelt, licked it off Scotland's fuzzy chest, and kissed his scene partner. Mmm these two are fucking hot and I definitely enjoyed my front row show as much as you're gonna love being a fly on the wall.

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