Grady Barnett

Grady Barnett

Innocently adorable, Grady is one helluva sexy cub next door. He's got a Clark Kent thing going on when he wears glasses. And he's armed with one of the cutest, most kissable scruffy mugs you've ever seen.


Grady's Solo

Damn, this kid drives me insane. In the sexual, boner-inducing kinda way. I can't help get turned on around him. He's got this sexy, innocent, cute cub next door vibe that just makes you wanna give him a big naked bear hug.

Grady is one of a few cubs we've recruited to help expand the variety on GuyBone. It's always been our mission to have someone for everyone, and he is definitely helping us reach our goal. I can't express how happy I am with him joining our family.

The right amount of fur trailing down his chest to his big, thick dick is one of my favorite things about Grady. That and his eyes. And his lips. And his ass. And his legs. I obviously could go on. The guy is ridiculously photogenic and I loved having him clothed AND naked in front of my camera.

I had him kick back in my desk chair and get his meaty cock worked up inside his jeans as he watched some stimulating porn. It didn't take long for his loins to stir and then he was pulling open his fly, diving his hand into his boxer briefs, and releasing his aching, growing erection. He stripped down, sitting buck ass naked in my chair. I loved thinking about that when I edited the scene. He is a big fan of nipple play and continued to tweak his own as he stroked his stiffening rod. Sexy balls and a hairy hole accented his cock and I couldn't keep my eyes off his sexy pecs and cuddly belly.

He tossed his beefy legs up on the desk so I could get a sneak peek at his hidden asshole. He teased it with his finger, toying with my own hardon. Then he dabbed a string of precum from his piss slit and I thought I'd faint. Watching this masculine, dark-haired, solid dude jerk off was such a treat. Hearing him moan and whisper that he was getting close to cumming was heaven. He jizzed a hot, thick load of creamy cum onto his belly and down his hand, continuing to stroke and smear it on his shaft.

At the end he was pretty sweaty, having gotten a good work out in. Wet, dry, hard, soft, clothed, nude, it's all aces with Grady. If this is the season of the cub on GuyBone, I'm definitely ready to hunt.

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