Alec is one of the hottest Mormons I've ever met. Okay, he might be one of the few Mormons I've ever met, but he's definitely hot! On vacation from Utah, this good boy took every second of opportunity to be bad for us.


Alec's Solo

I found my favorite Mormon guy, Alec, on his last night in town. Before he filmed his action scene with Jake Undercovers, I had him film his solo to make sure he was comfortable in front of the camera.

I should have known better than to question the stamina of a young, full of cum guy on vacation from Utah.

Alec was a total natural, teasing the camera with his boyish charm, his model good looks, and his beautiful, low hanging balls. I made sure to give those lots of screen time.

In the end, Alec delivered a hot cum shot, and then was ready to go again with his co-star, Jake Undercovers.

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