Axel Flint

Axel Flint

Axel Flint is a sexy, trim swimmer who has one of the hottest grins I've ever seen. This guy smiles and literally lights up a room, not to mention my dick. When he's not flashing his pearly whites, he's teasing with that perfect happy trail that leads to a thick, hard, hefty cock and a handful of heavy balls.

Rheo Stone

Rheo Stone

It doesn't get much better than Rheo Stone. A sexy hipster with a deep voice and masculine demeanor, a sculpted torso, tight little ass, and one of the biggest, hottest curved cocks on GuyBone. His smile will give you insta-wood and seeing him use his tool like a pro will push you over the finish line.


Axel and Rheo Flip

Holy fucking fuck! This is a fucking hot scene! And these two guys are fucking gorgeous!

This was Rheo's first action scene and he was reluctant to only bottom for fear of being mislabeled by viewers. Always trying to please, I got Axel to not only agree to costar, but to flip fuck as well. Then Axel saw Rheo's cock. And he had second thoughts. But it was too late, this was on!

The studs started off making out. Sexy kissing and spit swapping, licking tongues and lip biting. Clothes disappeared pretty quick and it was all about hard dicks and rubbing/sucking them. Rheo went down on Axel first, swallowing his boner Adam's Apple deep. Axel thanked him with the appropriate moans and head jerks. Then Rheo got on his knees and fed his enormous cock to Axel. Thank Heaven for no gag reflex because Axel needed his entire throat to hold that beast.

Next was some sexy 69ing where hairs on the back of my neck stood up from the sounds of slurping and cock gobbling. These two were turning me all sorts of on. Rheo worked fast and hard, jerking Axel's dick as he pulled it in and out of his wet mouth. Axel continued taking Rheo's entire shaft down his throat. Where he found room to fit it, I'm not sure.

Both guys wanted to eat each others asses and I wasn't about to stand in their way. Axel pulled Rheo to the edge of the bed and threw his legs up, shoving his ruby red tongue into his costars pink hole. He licked from taint to tip of dick and back down with his nose smelling those big, beautiful balls along the way. Rheo could barely stand the awesome feeling, quivering and bucking in ecstasy. When it was his turn to rim, he laid on his back and Axel squatted over him, spreading his ass cheeks to reveal that hairy hole perfectly. Rheo's tongue became a serpent and wiggled and writhed around Axel's ass. The more his tongue flicked, the harder both their dicks became.

First position to fuck in, Axel sat on Rheo's mammoth cock and rode it to town. Rheo got aggressive and Axel loved it, both of them slamming into each other in perfect rhythm, Rheo's huge nuts slapping Axel's ass as he fucked. Then Axel bent Rheo over the footboard, doggie style, and shoved his stiff dick deep into his SPUNK filled ass. As worried as Axel was about the size of Rheo's cock, it was Rheo who ended up being too tight to really take a dick. But Axel is one helluva costar and he worked his partner's ass with precision. I loved seeing both sets of long legs standing together, two stallions screwing and loving it.

One of my favorite positions was up next, Rheo jackhammering into Axel's ass. This gave an excellent view of that gigantic rod fucking Axel's incredibly hot hole. With every hump, Rheo literally filled Axel's insides up, making him moan like the air was being forced from his lungs. So fucking hot watching these two have sex. And even hotter watching them flip. Both taking turns being dominant. One of the hottest moments for me came when Axel topped Rheo in missionary. His biceps were bulging, he was all testosterone, and then he grabbed Rheo's head and shoved it back on the bed, forcing a fucking hot kiss on him. Man, oh man!

Axel was up first to bust his load. He shot a nice wad and then milked the last drops of jizz from his piss slit into his happy trail. Rheo joined him in orgasm and shot a powerful nut across his costar. With a final kiss, these two studs sealed the deal on a perfect flip fuck scene. Congrats to Rheo for an awesome first action scene. Axel has a habit of breaking em in right.

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