Axel Flint

Axel Flint

Axel Flint is a sexy, trim swimmer who has one of the hottest grins I've ever seen. This guy smiles and literally lights up a room, not to mention my dick. When he's not flashing his pearly whites, he's teasing with that perfect happy trail that leads to a thick, hard, hefty cock and a handful of heavy balls.

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a studio guy who we met through our model Kyle. Frankly, I'm so enamored by his sexiness. He's got the darkest hair I've ever seen, which stands out against his pale skin perfectly.


Jeremy Tops Axel

Definitely one for the record books! Axel had been lusting over Jeremy Fox (who can blame him?) since his solo audition to become a GuyBone guy. Luckily for Axel, and all of us, the day finally came when these two got to film together. And it was so fucking hot, we ended up with 10 extra minutes of footage, giving you more fuck for your buck!

Starting with some uber sexy making out on the bed, the two studs quickly got each other worked up below the belt. Jeremy was ready to please his partner, so he pulled off Axel's pants and started slobbering his knob through his jock. After he'd teased Axel's rod enough, he pulled out that beautiful dick and ran his limber tongue up and down the side, wetting the entire shaft, before swallowing it deep into the back of his throat. He continued to make Axel moan as he blew him. Then, he tossed Axel's legs over his head and went to town eating that incredibly hot, hairy hole.

Axel loved every second of the rim job and was eager to return the pleasure with one of his renowned blow jobs. He pulled Jeremy's big fat cock out of his gym shorts and gulped it down like a lollipop he couldn't wait to get to the center of. Gulp after delicious gulp, Axel sucked Jeremy's thick boner with skill.

Axel climbed on top for his first ride on Jeremy's stiff dick. Taking the entire length up his warm ass, he writhed and bucked and spit on his own dick and jerked. He fucking loved that huge cock in his SPUNK filled hole. I loved seeing these two hot guys, equally hairy from the waist down, slamming into each other rhythmically. Their bodies were very in tune with one another and seeing all those balls bouncing around got my dick very hard, very quick.

Axel's not one for getting fucked doggie style, but you better believe when Jeremy said that's one of his favorite positions, Axel got on all fours and pushed his heavenly ass toward Jeremy's aching cock. Jeremy fucked him hard and with a masculine thrust. His balls slapped against Axel's firm butt cheeks and Axel filled the room with brut sex grunts.

Jeremy finished by screwing Axel in a spooning position and then missionary. He pulled out and rocketed his most impressive load to date all across Axel's chest. Moments later, Axel jerked a hot load out of his own dick and the two shared a much-deserved congratulatory kiss. They worked hard, fucked hot, and turned out one helluva sexy scene! Safe to say that they both learned good things cum to those who wait.

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