Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels

Talk about one of the hottest kids on GuyBone, Owen is fucking perfection. From his sexy smile and bedroom eyes to his chiseled body dusted in a light coating of hair. With a delicious ass and tall cock that gets stiff in seconds, Owen has everything you're after.

River Reed

River Reed

Claiming he's a natural redhead, I think I prefer River as a bottle blonde. Combined with milky white skin and an innocent yet striking face, this bottom is more than ready for his close up. With a dick that gets rock hard in seconds and a smile that'll totally make you crush, River is so fucking boy next door sexy.


Owen Tops River

Two extreme cuties, Owen Daniels and River Reed, get together and have some incredibly hot sex. And they have so much of it, YOU get more fuck for your buck - this scene has 10 extra minutes of footage!

On a lazy Sunday, with the sun streaming through the blinds and landing on their naked flesh, Owen and River were taking full advantage of that awesome afternoon delight feeling.

When they weren't 69ing each others rock hard cocks, River was sitting on top of Owen, rubbing their boners together, balls smashed together sexily.

Owen has a great hairy, fratboy look. Watching him take control of River's tight little asshole was pure excitement. I imagined them in the same school, River sneaking into the frat house while no one else was home, seducing Owen with his boyish charm, and then taking that cock for one helluva ride around campus.

It was awesome watching their two different rhythms come together while thrusting, each taking turn being in control. Owen ramming his stiff dick up into River's SPUNK filled hole, River spreading his cheeks and grinding on Owen's cock, balls deep. They both were getting exactly what they wanted and still giving the other exactly what he wanted as well.

Owen knows how to screw and knows how to do it well. I loved watching his manly hands grip River's ankles tightly, his biceps bulging, as he fucked his costars ass. His own hairy butt clenching and releasing with each thrust. River's face was a combination of pain and pleasure, pretty much exactly what I expected based on the length and girth of Owen's erection.

My favorite position to see them in was River flat on his chest, Owen mounted on his back, arms flexed in a push up, his big stiff dick sliding in and out of River's butt cheeks, his masculine frame weighing down on his partner, their legs and feet intertwined behind them. Fuck. Watching them go at it like this was perfection. Especially when Owen would scoop down, his head resting on River's shoulders, never skipping a beat with his pounding.

I'd recently watched an incredibly hot amateur video online in which the two guys sounded pretty straight and bro-ish. I played it for my guys and asked if they could sort of recreate some of the dialogue. Owen was shy about dirty talk, but every time he opened his mouth and whispered in River's ear, River's dick shot to attention and he neared busting. After a few minutes of edging and working each other up vocally, it was time to cum. River coated his stomach and chest as Owen stroked his buddy's cock. Then Owen jumped to his knees and shot his own seed into an incredibly hot mix of jizz on River's tummy.

This shoot was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And believe me, they were spent after spilling all that nut.

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