Axel Flint

Axel Flint

Axel Flint is a sexy, trim swimmer who has one of the hottest grins I've ever seen. This guy smiles and literally lights up a room, not to mention my dick. When he's not flashing his pearly whites, he's teasing with that perfect happy trail that leads to a thick, hard, hefty cock and a handful of heavy balls.

Quinn Kartr

Quinn Kartr

Feed your frat boy fetish. Quinn's solid, tatted, hung with a dick as hard as a frat paddle, and has an incredible hole buried inside a bubble butt. From his hat head and cocky grin to his slightly fuzzy tummy and legs, Quinn is all bro and all hot.


Quinn Tops Axel

Talk about two fucking cute dudes having a blast during their shoot. Quinn and Axel took an immediate shine to one another and the sparks flew as their sexual chemistry mounted.

Neither of them would approve if I said their scene was passionate and tender, so I won't, I'll simply describe it as intensely connected. They've got big boners for each other. And I had one behind the camera the entire shoot.

Starting the scene with a "hey, bro, let's do this" laugh, the guys stripped each other down to their undies and started making out, rubbing stiff cocks, and swapping oral. Watching Quinn get comfy and suck Axel's rock hard dick hands free was enough of a turn on for me, but add in Axel's dropped jaw and moaning and I was almost over the edge. When Axel sucked Quinn's long, stiff rod, I delighted in his ruby red, glistening tongue twirling around the head, then helping the shaft into his open throat. These guys know how to suck dick, that's for sure!

I got up close and personal for the fucking, lying on the bed and having the two guys stand over me. What a hot view, front row looking up at Quinn's perfect cock sliding in and out of Axel's accommodating, hairy hole that he'd already wet with his talented tongue and SPUNK Lube. I could literally feel the sexual energy between these two as they screwed. It was shooting off them, bouncing on walls, and filling the room with a horny vibe. My favorite part of the shoot, and definitely the hottest, was Quinn's secret sex move: making Axel laugh while he fucked him so that Axel's ass would constrict around his swollen cock. Made his dick feel great, made the environment fun and relaxed, and proved these two were having one helluva hot session.

After a few positions, Axel was ready to cum. He sat on Quinn's ever-hard cock and rode it to climax, shooting milky white ribbons of jizz across his costar's stomach. For Quinn to bust, he requested Axel lay beside him and kiss furiously while he jerked his cock to conclusion. His spunk flew out of his piss slit, rocketed past his head, and landed with a thwap on the pillow. Not all of it, however. One glob glued itself to Quinn's hat and curly hair, creating a sticky spiderweb of splooge.

Passion, bromance, chemistry, sexual attraction... whatever they want to call it, Quinn and Axel have it and continue to exude it all over GuyBone!

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