Sawyer is an insatiable bottom who wants his incredibly sexy hole filled by hot, big, hard cocks. He's got an amazing, tight body and a thick, hard as steel dick. We definitely like daddy types as much as we like young twinks, and Sawyer proves that older guys have just as much to offer - and they're far more experienced!


Sawyer's Solo

I absolutely love older guys because they always know how to put on a show. They've got lots of experience and know exactly what to do to turn you on.

I was thrilled when Sawyer emailed the site asking to model. His pics were incredible. He's about twelve years my senior and his body puts mine to shame. There is no doubt he is an athletic guy, to say the least. Pecs of steel, a lean swimmers tummy, and beautiful legs. Did I mention his handsomely chiseled face? He looks like he stepped out of magazine and into our studio.

The best parts about Sawyer, in my opinion, are his thick, long, veiny, shroom-headed cock that drips pre cum like an ice cream cone on a hot day and his tight, but oh-so-welcoming asshole.

He stripped down, started sucking on his dildo to get himself hard (who doesn't get hard when they have a dick, real or fake, crammed down their pie hole?), and worked up a big boner inside his jock. Then it was time to put that spit-covered dildo where the sun don't shine. Sawyer slid it in slow and sexy, admitting he gets even harder when he has an audience. That, of course, got my dick rock hard, and for the remainder of the shoot, I, too, was leaking pre cum.

Sawyer fucked himself with the dildo until he was ready to pop. He got comfy on his back and ejaculated all over his chest and stomach. I love seeing a dick so stiff that it looks like it might explode. The head is incredibly purple and every vein is filled to the brim. It's hot to the touch and oozing sticky pre cum. Then it shoots delicious blasts of jizz everywhere. Fuck, I love dicks, and Sawyer's is one of those exceptionally handsome ones.

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