Gavin Macabre

Gavin Macabre

Gavin may not actually be the tallest GuyBone guy, but just looking at his legs, you'd think he was. This sexy, slender stud has some of the longest legs we've ever seen. Not to mention, an incredible body, a cute boy next door mug, and a fantastic dick that loves to pump out hot cum.


Gavin's Solo

Gavin has some of the longest legs I've ever seen. The kind you want him to wrap around you in a bathtub and use to pull you closer for a kiss from those juicy lips of his.

I love the way his eyes always kind of squint, like maybe the lights are too bright, or he's trying to make a sexy face. Regardless, it completes the package that Gavin has going - a fucking fine one.

He wasn't nervous at all for his solo, in fact, he was ready as hell for it. He was hard in no time, lubing up his impressive cock and starting to stroke. I'd been getting lots of requests for shots of feet lately and there was no better model to give screen time to than Gavin. His feet are just as sexy as his long legs.

His ass is impeccable, also, as he showcased by spreading his butt cheeks apart and winking for the camera. The hottest thing about Gavin, though, aren't his bulging biceps or perfect pecs, it's the shaking his body does when he cums (and for about two minutes after). He warned me it was going to happen, and he wasn't joking - as soon as his rock hard dick started catapulting cum onto his thighs, balls, fingers, and shaft, he started convulsing, experiencing another magnificent orgasm.

Must be nice to feel that every time you cum. For the rest of us, we'll just have to enjoy watching Gavin experience it.

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