Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a studio guy who we met through our model Kyle. Frankly, I'm so enamored by his sexiness. He's got the darkest hair I've ever seen, which stands out against his pale skin perfectly.



JP is one of those guys who looks totally innocent, hiding behind his cute specs and dress slacks. That is, until you undress him to discover pierced nipples, sexy tattoos galore, a chiseled set of abs, and one helluva big dick! Ever shy and sporting an adorable smile, it's easy to see that this GuyBone guy has a wild side he's rock hard to let loose.


JP Tops Jeremy

Jeremy Fox called me up and wanted to do a shoot with someone new and hot before he left on a week-long cruise (lucky bastard). I had the perfect new/hot model for him, one that wanted to top in his first anal scene, JP.

It'd been a few months since I filmed JP in the oral only scene, and my God, had this boy been busy at the gym. I thought he looked good before, but now his six pack was incredibly chiseled, which got both Jeremy and I immediately hard.

The two studs started the scene sans shirts (cause who needs em?). They quickly worked each others' cocks into stiff erections and Jeremy wasted no time releasing JP's from his gym shorts and boxers and swallowing it. He later confessed he hadn't bottomed in a while, and was nervous about the size of JP's dick. But, ever the gentleman, JP took it nice and slow and did exactly as Jeremy requested.

After JP ripped Jeremy's thick boner from his jeans and sucked it for a bit, he flipped him over, pulled his jeans to the knees, and rimmed the fuck out of his tight, hairy hole. When Jeremy's ass was sufficiently lubed with JP's spit, Mr. Fox climbed atop the six pack man and slowly sat down on his hardon. The long, hard shaft slid into Jeremy's ass with little difficulty and he quickly took a liking to the feeling. He started riding, and bouncing, and wiggling, and moaning, and jerking, JP's cock buried balls-deep in his ass.

JP couldn't wait to be in charge, flipping Jeremy onto his back and entering him from above. JP pounded down into Jeremy's ass, harder with each thrust. His balls slapped Jeremy's hairy cheeks furiously, making the perfect soundtrack to this scene. They switched positions a couple more times before settling into a sensual spoon and driving home the orgasms.

JP followed Jeremy's instructions when he ordered him to fuck harder and faster, the pounding of his amazing dick producing a thick, white, bountiful load that rocketed from Jeremy's piss slit, covering him in his own cum. JP pulled out, jerked feverishly, and joined his costar in sticky satisfaction, blasting his best nut yet, an equally thick, white, bountiful load onto Jeremy's chest and down his own hand.

I'm sure Jeremy will have a fantastic time on his cruise, but now he'll also have happy memories (and pics and video) of the vacation he took just before, the trip he and JP went on to Pleasure Town.

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